Thursday, March 29, 2007

A prank!!!

I cam back from the rig a bit tired & a bit moody,,,
Then I saw this car parked too close to the chains, Then This nice funny idea of a prank clicked in my mind!!!

I looked around left & right to see that no one is around to see what I am about to do,,,
I went to the car and hooked the chain to car hook!!!

I then went to take a shower & have dinner,,, actully I was waiting for the car owner to come and see him drive away!!! but that dream didnt come true!! After few hours of waiting I got bored so I went to sleep!!
The next day I woke up, and went to check the car!! which wasn’t there,,, I then went to the cones to see if it has been moved or not!!!
I read the tracks on the sand that all the chains & cones were dragged few meters (about 4m) from their original location...

Prank is successful,,,

Monday, March 26, 2007

A new colleague

Yesterday while I was working, I noticed something moving!! I looked at it,,,

It was a mouse, a cute lil brown mouse running around the unit!!! It made me smile, at least it took some stress away from me!!!
Later my manager called to ask me some stuff, and I decided to make it a joke,,,

Me: hay boss, whn did you send this new guy to us???
Manager: Wht guy??
Me: The guy,,, He is a laugh to us!! he runs around like there is no tomorrow!!
Manager: I didnt send any one to you???
Me: I assure you that he is here with me in the unit still running around!!!
Manager: whts his name??
Me: Mouse!!!
Manager: ha????????
Me: There is a mouse here running around like there is no tomorrow, I thought you told him to come and learn some LWD stuff,,,,
Manager: a mouse....... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, god help me with you!!!
Me: wht I didnt do ny thing I just told you the facts!!!
Manager: oky oky make sure you teach him well!!!
Me: No worries, I am going to make him the best in the business!!!

I didnt take a picture of him yet!!! he is just to fast!!!

but I took a picture of his two former colleagues...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Blog Comrades!

I just updated my blog comrades!!!
I have taken few blogs out that stopped updating or stopped visiting me!!! (yea so you'd better be visiting)

The blogs that are gona be there are the blogs that I really love to hang around and I visit every day!! (actully every few hours i visit the blogs on my list)

Well what can I say!!! every one of you guys are fun to read!! I really enjoy reading your posts!!!

Lets see,,,

Absomaniac By Abs - Sorry abs I totally forgot about you,,, I like reading your blog for some seriousness in my reading life!! but for some time he stoped posting, and now he is back!!

Amjad's Blog By Amjad - He has interesting thoughts in his blog, through his blog I know he is a smart guy. I allways know what is going in Oman throught his blog.

A Sense of Wonder By Nella - I really enjoy her posts since she is funny & a bit sarcastic I think we have so much in common from games, music & animation that we like.

Divinity By TripleTee - Is the first blog I open first thing I wake up from sleep. She is an artistic & poetic person. I find her post to be funny and I tend to forget my troubles when I read her comments.

Elagante By Elagante - I know she is madly in love with shoe. Her blog does really show the person administrating it personality, funny & sarcastic.

Envy Me By Oblivious - I cant find a word to describe her!! but she is a great person & blogger, she might complain a lot & have strange way of showing her feelings but we agree that we hate "Strict Muslims".

Going Banana! By Sensation - I don’t know him that well but he sure seems fun to hang around! I would defiantly want to hang around him when I am back in Oman. His blog seems interesting like his personality,

Individual Diversity By M987 - No word to describe him, though he might be rude, but I love this guys blog! though he might have stopped but you never know whn he is gona drop a bomb in his blog like he did with his last post.

Lost & Confused By 3anooda - She is the reason I start blogging!!! I love to read her blog, and I consider her like the big sister I dream of having. I known her from a forum I am in.

Mad Brain By DiJo - she is not around since she have lots of studies to do. I enjoy her funny comments.

Paradise in Me By Kay - I love her posts, she is the first blog I have ever read, she is an administrator in the forum that I am in. she is a bit hard to understand, and we dont agree alot. and I really respect her. (She is also fun to annoy).

Sleepless In Muscat By Sleepless In Muscat - who doesn’t know the guy!!! his blog is educational and fun to read.

Some Kind Of Monster By Solidus - He is fun and throw a funny replay when u never expect it. I have known many good blogs through his posts.

Somewhere in My Mind By Dudi - Another big sister that I really respect & enjoy reading her poems. She is one of the best poets I have ever read.

Sweetness By Sweetness - a very talented photographer, I hope that one day she can show me her photo's and would like to know what she thinks about my photo's. she has a very enjoyable blog to read.

The Long Road By Snooky - I don’t know the guy well but he has interesting thoughts running around his blog.

Tomboy's cozy little space By Tomboy - she become a bit lazy, but I enjoy her sarcastic comments, and she is fun to joke around with.

Virtual Insanity By The lioness - Always posts interesting & funny video's which shows her funny personality!! she might never seen Oman but I could easily think she is an Omani.

Here you are guys!!! My feelings about you .

If you ever feel insulted about what I have said, then please say so... So I can say that I don't give a damn about how insulted you are...

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Now I am in a rig at the middle of the dessert!! we had a bad sand storm for two days! and every part of me is full of sand!!!

Then heavy rains followed!!! To bad that I didnt enjoy it, since I was working... but at least it settled the dust!!! Oh well they predict that the weather will be rainy tomorow too, so lets hope that I am not working at that time!!!

I called Oman and they told me how it is over! I was like why the hell I am here working,,, I should be in Oman swimming in the wadi and enjoying the rain ,,,

My lil brother sent me some pictures that were taken around our house!!! I am missing alot!!!


The best advertisement I have ever seen,,,, It has be awarded as the best advertisement,,,

The advertisement was shot in Saudi Arabia, all the post was done in Amsterdam and the music is by a hip hop band out of Kuwait...

The name of the Band and song::: - Army of One "Let's Roll"

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Rig Life

Some friends of mine have asked me about the rig & hows the life over there, since we work for weeks over there with out coming back to town,,, So I have taken the following Video's & pictures to show it to you,,,
well first I need to tell you that what are you going to see might be shocking to some of you people, and you might pass out or shit in ur chair,,,

but, lucky for you that I dont care a shit ,,,

First of all here is a video about our living area!!! oh yea for your info the place that I took these were one of the good camps around!!!

As I said this is a middle class camp,,, When ever I get the chance to live on a shit camp I will make another video,,, oh yea the camp I was in when I got sick as a shit place,,,

Damn,,, I am getting a flash back about the toilet I spend the night in,,,
This is a picture of the place that I usually spend most of the time in,,,

This is the states of the toilet on the rig site,,,


Winter time the temperate goes down to 5 degree (freezing cold), and it can go up to 55 degree in summer (raging hot)...
We will be working 24/7 to get the job done wither it is raining heavily or snowing like the Ice age,,,

My personal thoughts about this type of job,,, I really love my work and enjoying it a lot!! I traveled a lot and worked in rigs at, Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE,,, Worked at the raging sea, middle of the dessert & on top of the mountains,,,

Well here you are guys... This is simply my job,,,

So people before you ever start complaining about your job,,, Think about mine...