Friday, September 29, 2006

30 days went 18 to go

Can’t believe that this day has finally come
Spending an entire month in this rig was the most difficult task that I had to face
The work was so intense, I could barely walk
The air was so thick, I could barely breathe
and the temperature fluctuated widely
Sometimes freezing cold and others raging hot
Every day presented its own hardship, A new obstacle to be matter to over come...
Off course some days were harder than others
Just when I have given up all hope
When I was sure that I wouldn’t last another moment in that of all places,
...I saw her...
Her smile washed away all the stress
Her beauty surpassed the hardships surrounds me
With her around I am sure I would be able to surpass all limits
I know I can, for her I will


Oh well just a lil writing to pass time,,,
Today I have completed 30 days in this rig and I still 18 days to go ,,, I usually don’t count the days that I spend on the rig site but knowing that I have a nice holiday after 18 days makes me want time to fly fast just to go back to Oman and have more interesting things to do & to blog about, being in the same place wouldn’t have many interesting things going on, I know that for sure,,,
Well few days with out ur own laptop to play with is sure no fun, I cant sign in to my messenger & I cant go and comment on others blogs, I have seen interesting stuff around that I want to put some thoughts about in my own way,,,

I have been three months away from Oman now, and I really miss every body there & my car in particular…

Hope things go well in the next few days, I might get a chance to go back to town for a day and then get back to work,,,

Monday, September 25, 2006

Whn Things Crash

Seems like my luck is running away from me AGAIN,,, First of all they changed the crew that I work with to Egyptians,, which are full of them selves,,, & one of them is a new guy & I need to train him for the job and he is also full of his shit,,, he even dares and tell me wht to do (fuck since whn do the trainee tells his trainer wht to do!) - I hope that all noooooh, he started giving me fucking lectures on timing & that we should do this instead of that...etc.
Fucking nut heads,,, Egyptians(90% of you guys)
Then after all that my laptop crashed & there is no way I can get it fixed untill I get back to town...
With all this pressure & shit,,, I fought with my crew today & gave them a piece of my mind ... With that they started to behave themselves & see things my way ,,, but I still dont trust these two face fucking Egyptians... I will record wht thy talk about whn I am not in my shift and see wht their thoughts say about me ...
Might not be able to be around for the next few days, but I will keep you updated...

Friday, September 22, 2006

Ramadan Kareem every one

Happy Ramadan every one and thing

Ramadan here in the UAE tomorrow...that means no more:-
- Drinking
- Smoking
- Watching Porn
- Drugs
- Day dreaming about girls & sex
- No BS (Bull Shit)

damn can I survive a month with out these,,,

Well I think I need to keep things clean here for the next month so ppl plz keep it clean!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Music Added & the story of life

Morning ppl

Good news to all you guys, I have added a music box over here so u guys can listen to music ny time u are here, I am trying to customize a play list for future upgrade...

Well nothing new has been going on with me lately,,, Other than that I have been in this Offshore rig for three weeks now and I am going to go crazy, I still have another four weeks to go till my holiday starts and I am going to get five weeks of beach & party time If any of you girls care to join me you are more than welcome (you know where to find me)...

I have been thinking of traveling to some place in this wide world, I want some one who is crazy enough to join me since two are better than one and it is more fun.
Not sure so far where to go but I might go to an island in Malaysia and spend a week of scuba diving and beach parties...
I will see how things goes, as I still have 4 weeks of work left...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I Miss Scuba Diving

In my holidays, I spent hours by the beach swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving. These are some photos that I have taken the last time I was in Oman. I added them for you to enjoy what I enjoy doing.

I have been working now for months with out taking some time off to go scuba diving. I really miss the cold water and the fishes swimming next to me.
My next holiday is at the end of Ramadan, and I am sure I am going to camp next to the beach no matter how cold the weather is (luckily I have a wet suit for cold water). Just can’t wait till I am back to Oman to Scuba Dive again.

Enjoy the photos…

Yea these photos has been taken at Demaniat Island & Ras el-7ad

America remembers

A day of commemoration began across the United States to mark the fifth anniversary of the September 11 attacks, with President Bush leading a ceremony at Ground Zero in New York.

OMG these people are still weeping about it, come on guys it has been five years now. A kid will stop weeping after his parent’s death few months later...
If they were this hurt and angry about the death of their family & friends,,, what do you think about the people who lost their family on the wars that their country did on the name a war against terror. Which numbers are a thousand times higher than who died that day.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Middle of the sea

Since a week now I have been working at an offshore rig... so I dont have lots of things to blog about, other than the satellite was down and it took me two days just to put it back online.

Things are a bit boring here; I was playing WarCraft 3 most of the day's I was here.

I decided not to shave my beard I want to see where it will reach when I finish from here :) cant imagine my self with a beard this the first time for me not to shave it into one of the styles that I usually form it into...

Monday, September 04, 2006

'Crocodile Hunter' is dead!!!!

Irwin, 44 was killed by a stingray barb that went through his chest, according to Cairns police sources. Irwin was filming an underwater documentary at the time...

What a great loss to animal society, we have lost a great guy, I loved his documentaries and I stop working and go watch it...
Well but it is good that he died doing something that he love...
Oh well now we need to find another interesting guy to do the animal documentaries,,, or else I am going to miss these shows