Monday, June 18, 2007

Be out for a while!!!

I will be gone for a while, there are some important changes right now in my life,,,

and I am getting really bzy, but I promise you I will be back soon at the end of this month!!!

cya then,,,

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Yemen Trip # 1

This is my second time here in Yemen!! Through it has been a year now since the first time but nothing has changed!! Things around might be a little bit messed up but it could is fun to see a neighboring country that we hear a lot on the news!!! Things might not be as worse as you guys expect over here. The people are wonderful and friendly, I tend to get special treatment once they know that I am Omani,,, LOL

I came here on Thursday (17th of May) I took the Qataria Airway! Where I would like to thank one of the flight attendant who helped me a lot at the airport since I forgot my passport at home & I was late!!! She delayed the closing time of the check in,,, If you read this blog I would like to say thank you a lot for helping me out,,, BTW I also want to know that “Damn you are hot!!!” to bad I didn’t get the time to get your name when I am back in Oman,,,
I went to Qatar and changed flights and came to Yemen!! The whole trip time for Oman to Yemen including the transit time was five hours,,, that was one tiring trip since I wake up early to organize my bags!!! “I know I am a last minute person”

Once the flight landed at Sanaa, I checked outside from the window and saw many worn-out airplanes!!! Truly I was a bit shaked since it was a bit of a scary seen seeing all these airplanes and thinking about Yemen airline which I will be boarding few days later to go to Muklla,,,

Any way I came down the airplane and went to the passport checking area!!! Which basically was a small room with few counters! I went to the first one who asked me few questions about why I am here in Yemen and how long I am going to stay! After he stamped my passport!! I went to the baggage claiming area which also was about the same size of the other room and there was a small rotary system for the bags!! I waited for half an hour before I got my bag!!
I then waked out to the exit! Where two cops with AK 47 (Klationkoif) guarding the exit of the airport to the parking area!! Wanted to take pictures of them but I was afraid that they might confiscate my camera!! I waited for another half an hour before my ride came to pick me up from the airport,,, where I was taken to the Staff house in Sanaa!! Which is about 20 mins drive from the airport going through sanaa!!! We past around few roundabouts which were totally mess!!! They have no respect for road signs!! Just come and go in,,, There were lots of run-down and old cars around!! LOL that sure was bringing history back to life!!! Most of the roundabouts you see there are cops with 47 (Klationkoif),,, I know DAMN!!!

After reaching the staff house I took a look at it!! It has about 3 meter wall & then there is about another 2 meter of metal sheet on top of that!!! Shit!!! I went in and they gave me a room on the second floor! I organized my stuff and then came down and had a nice meal and watched some T.V. till one at morning,,, I then went to sleep for some rest,,,