Thursday, December 28, 2006

Back & Happy eid

Yea I am back in town!!!

I was in Saudi Arabia for three weeks and was sent to an offshore rig (in the middle of the sea)... where Most of the sites, forums and blogs were block!!! Don’t ask me why I have no idea!! Well many things happed over there...

The weather was soooo cold!! it was 3 degree C and it was raining real bad!! I was working for two days under the rain!! it felt good yet I was freezing!!!

Currently I am back in Abu Dhabi but I will be going to a land rig today!!! Hopefully I have some time to write a proper topic when I am there!!!

This is just a quick update!!!!

Tagged by Tomboy

tagged by Tomboy!!!!!

"list every single nickname and its variation that u have EVER been called in your ENTIRE life"

- Cholo
- Natch
- Red Dragon
- The Lunatic
- Foolatic
- Devilec
- Legacy alpine
- Pervert c

well I think this is about it!!! I know!!! it is not alot and nothing special, wht can I do I am just a normal guy!!!

oh well I tag every one on my blogroll!!!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The absents of Mind

When the mind just reaches to the stage that it doesn’t care any more and it goes to dormant... Things that you think you wouldn't do and all of sudden you got this urge to do it... In this certain day just to satisfy this urge!! I have jumped an 8 meter cliff & set my self on fire and then I ended up drinking a sleeping pill with red bull!!! (That was really some nice shit)...

Day: Thursday 2nd of November 2006
Location: Ras El-haad (known as Murjan Beach)

The following video was recorded for the sake of you blogger's,,,

By the time of darkness! We had lots of jumps and laughs, the only injury was to my brother's balls due to a wrong jump (believe me that was fun to watch)...

I have decided to make an act of stupidity of my own!!! so with a lil Lighter & petrol I have managed to make that come true!!!

I set fire on my self!!! yea it is not a miss type I actually set fire on my self and ran around the beach and then jumped to the water!!! after a couple more time of keeping setting my self on fire!!! I decided to take it one more step,,, and ran the opposite way and went back to the water!!! But this one didnt turn out to be good at all,,, and ended up burning my hand... It burnt & it hurts!!!
I went to the pharmacy in CCC and bought a cream, and then I went to the doctor to check it out!! I ended up getting two shot!!! OUTCH...

Well after these I forget to track it down!!! After few days I got some bubbles that were blown by me ... and the two middle finger's turned brown,, It took about 5 weeks for my fingers to go back as it used to be,,,

Well since I was in loads of pain the doctor gave me some sleeping pills to have,,, So before I went to sleep I decided to take them, but I wasnt in a mood for water so I took them with red bull ... It took me like three hours before I went to sleep but during this time I was high like a bird...

Well this what might happen to you in the Absent Of Mind...