Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sound System

Ever since I have got my car, I started to design my dream sound system,,,
After I have found the perfect design for my sound system I started to work on it!!!

The first thig I have done is change the door speakers,,, Now each door has about 250 W Alpine speakers,,, Connect to an Alpine Amplifiers

Since I love to have some Bass I had installed three 800 W Subwoofers!!! The first one I just made a hole on the back dash and stick it there,,,
Three weeks later while I was examinning my boot!!! an idea hit me ,,, There were some hollow space at the side of the boot!!!

I thought there is enough space here to have a subwoofers,,, So I started modeling how can I have a subwoofer there with out lossing the space since I need it to put my camping or scuba diving kits there,,, After long thought I built a nice box using fiber glass!!! It took me three days to do it,,, Here how it looks right now!!! BTW this is from both sides,,,

This is how my system looks now!!!

There are three things left for me to do and this sound system will be the dream of every music lover & car freaks,,,

First, I will add two twitters behind the back seat!!! I am currently modeling a small boxes which are also gona be made with fiber glass,,,

Second, Since the factory head unit is combained with the A/C unit!!! I cant do any modifications for it with out damaging the A/C!!! So after a long search for the solution to help me over come this issue!! I found an AV PANEL SET which will help me to disconnect the A/C unit from the factory head unit!!! I have ordered the panel set and hopefully it will reach me after three weeks,,, Then I am going to install a pioneer avic-z1,,, which is a touch screen computer modified for a car!!! which basicly has every thing from navigation to entertainment system!! I will also install a rear camera So if you are driving behind me!!! you never know!!! I might be watching you!!!

This is how my panel is gona look like whn I finish with it!!!!

and last but not least!!! I am going to connect the car computer to the computer that I am going to install so that I can view more statistic data about my driving and show me in a graphic style with more data for me to analyze on the way I drive,,,

Hopefully I will be able to complete this after a month's time,,, I will keep you updated as soon as I finish with it

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Drugs & Sex r Good,,,

To know the reasons watch the following!!!
Just for you to start your day my follow reader's,,,

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Black Scorpion Versus Camel Spider

Today!!! I will be going back to town at last!!! but the best part over the past few days when I saw a black scorpion fighting with a camel spider,,,

Since I am a Scorpio I bet my money on the scorpion, The Fight was intence but at the end the winer of the fight was the Black Scorpion ,,,

Well I had my fun with that ... Here is a video on how the fight went on!!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Good Video to start ur weekend!!!

Damn this video was a good one to start my day

Monday, April 16, 2007

Roses of Heaven

Roses r red!! but this one is white!!!
picked em up from the garden of heaven,,,
but heaven is not around!!!
I searched & searched for heaven!!!
but hell is all I found!!!
Later I found a blosom from heaven!!
but far she is!!!
I walk & walk to her I walk!!!
still I find that she is far away!!!
I started running & I ran, I ran,,,
I reached to the doors of heaven!!!
There she is at the doors of heaven!!!
She smiles for me,,,
I look at her eyes & smiled for her,,,
As she is the heaven of my heart,,,
and the one I love,,,

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Back for Work!!!

I am back in Oman for a week or two,,, but unlucky for me I came here for work!!! so no scuba diving!!!
Tomorow morning I will be going to a rig near Hema which is about 600 KM from muscat!!!
There will be no internet & no phone signal!!!
Therefore there is no way for me to update the blog for the coming 5 - 10 days!!!
Hope to see you soon guys!!!
Keep your thoughts wondering!!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Miss Scuba Diving

I Miss scuba diving!!!

It has been five months now without going to swimming or scuba diving!! I want to get that feeling of me forgeting every thing and enjoying the life under the sea,,,

I was just checking my last dive Video,,,

I miss it These are the photo's that I took on that dive,,, Enjoy it,,,

I miss it BIG time,,,

I am feeling down today I am going to pull a nice prank on someone today!!! Be ready for the details soon!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Quick on!!!!

I am back in town, Currently working for my promotion,,, So I have been bzy alot these days running all over the place to get some paper work done,,, and have been working from 7 am till 9 pm at the office I think I am gona turn into a nerd soon

Two days ago my laptop crashed again, but this time it seems for good!! so I am might get a new laptop, If that laptop is not revivable...

While in the office I have noticed this,,,

LOL, I will think twice before I take a loot in this toilet!!! I dont want girls checking me out,,,
I am gona be back soon, so just wait for me, couse I am gona rock your world with my next updates!!!