Thursday, November 30, 2006

The conclusion of my holiday & blessings of the rain

My holiday has come to an end, where many conclusions been observed, some where happy some are sad and some were painful (not for me - my brothers tested the pain )...

I know I have been promising you lots of details about my trips and adventures during this holiday and hopefully no I will find more time for you guys & girls ...

For some reason I have been thinking a lot about my holiday and how much did I enjoy it... and in particular I have been thinking of writing a report about the experiments that I have been conducting...... Well I cant say the methods of the experiments that helped me reach these conclusions since I will be breach the ethics of the research ...

During my research period which lasted about seven weeks I have concluded the following:-

1- Holding some one upside down for a period of 10 mins might give him some sort of dizziness due to the rush of blood to his head as soon as he stands up.

2- Jumping over an eight meter cliff with your legs open might cause a serious injury to ur balls (LOL that sure was a fun experiment on my bro) .

3- The fire stunts on TV are not real and if you try to comply to them you might burn your self (ouch my fingers) .

4- Drinking tooo many red bulls in one day might cause ur ears to hear ur heart beats (cool ha).

5- Eating an Omani 7alwa & drinking dew might cause bad stomach ach and cause you to through up.

6- If not reading the expiry date on a packet might cause you to loss interest in food for a while.

7- Driving over 220 km/h for some time might allow you to feel that the world is moving slowly.

8- Screeming "telling them to hurry up" in a buplic toilet when some body inside might give them a bad day and cause them to wet them selves. (oh and you might do a nice running after that - which is good for ur diet )

9- Smiling for a policeman while he is working might give you a ticket.


Here is an update on things going on here in AD,,, It is raining Cats & Dogs over here!!! Here are some pictures of the situation over here!!! The rain has ruined the celebration for the national day here...

These Three pictures were taken yesterday when I got in town,,,

These two pictures were taken while I was on the rig,,,

Every place in this world now there is rain,,, weeee r u suppose to be happy or sad

Friday, November 24, 2006

The Day of eid (Is it late talking about it)

Oky just a quick post!!!!

I forget to mention it on the previous post!!!!

All you people who spent the first day of eid at al-hail, Did any body noticed the think smoke, at about 12:00???

Well I decided do go and check it out,,, and there was this building on fire!!! The strange thing is there were no police around, and it seems that the fire is been on for some time,,,

The funny part is,,, at the high way there was a pile up,,, LOL,,, stupid drivers,,,

after observing things, I was wondering are we safe in case a fire pops out in a mall or some where crowded!!! All I got to say is that may the gods be with us by that time!!!

Oh yea, do any one know wht went on over there, I didnt ask about it!!! so If any one has an Idea on wht went on, inform me plz...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Eid & the days after that

WOW ,,, long time I didnt update,,, I just had amazing time and I was never free to wonder around the net ,,, I have so many things to blog about,,, my scuba diving trips & camping trips,,,

I have managed to burn, cut & injure my self!! I have been jumping 8 & 10 meters cliffs some near the sea and some in between the mountains!! went through one way wadies while it was rain (this was really stupid)!!! yea whn I go back to work I cant say that I didnt enjoy my holiday,,, Hopefully all these incidents will be reported & blogged about here in the coming weeks...

ny wy,,, eid has come and go with out ny incidents from my side thanx god ... There was only one incident where I wake up on 2nd day of eid with a call at 6 in the morning asking my if I would like to go to Rustaq to eat Mishkak (barbeque meet the Omani style)... and who would miss such a chance ... so the following two hours I drove till Rustaq and ate meat for breakfast!! I learnt new way to eat barbeque and that is with honey... and it was tasty!!!

Well I still have another week left in my holiday, I just thought of having a quick update over here... More updates are on the way