Monday, July 31, 2006

Rummage around Blogs

Day 3 as a blogger :)

I Think I started to see what is Blog... well It might be true to me but not to the others! Since every one has his/her own way of explaining stuff & things which makes this world so beautiful...

But it is too early to let you guys find out about the secret of blogging that I think is true...

I have seen so many blogs in the past few days to decide for a meaning of blogging well at least I am having fun going into one blog to the other. I kinda imagine it like going into one person's mind & reading his thoughts and then go to the next person mind. Well peeping into ppls mind seems loads of fun (Kinda feel my self like a pervert). But Y do ppl write their thoughts on-line so other ppl can comment on them.

Feels Kinda sad not to talk these problems with some one else in the real life and hear their comments in reality.

Well it is not my place to judge ppl wither they should do it or not. As long as you are happy I am happy about it :)

Sunday, July 30, 2006

The war that is so called against terrorist

I wake up every day wandering what movie should I watch & what type of food will I have for my meals today,,,
Today was no different! I went and asked the cook to cook for me some breakfast. When the food came I decided to have it while watching T.V.. I switched on the T.V. and tuned to
Al-Jazeera chaneel (though I am not a politic fan or do I care what’s going on in this crazy world as long as it doesn’t involve me or my loved ones). What I saw was dreadful and is more like a savage mass slaughter of people. Do you really believe it! Kids are the main victim over here.

Looking back at my childhood all I remember was happy moments I never saw blood or members of my family killed in front of my eyes. The days where I call my self sad were actually just being a lil bitch asking what I want and expect to get it the next moment. If a child from Lebanon knew of my childhood it will be heaven for him compared to what they are suffering from right now!! I feel ashamed of what is going on and not doing any thing about it.

These are one of the Images that moved me a lot. A building where more than 30 children & few women ran to hide from the attacks of the war! The whole building was blown to pieces and all that is left is the remnants of the children who lost their sweet childhood in this meaningless war.

Who ever is reading this Blog I wander how was your childhood like was it any where near this???I don’t think so...

People I want to know who the terrorist is right now!!!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Blogging & here am I


Well I start this blog to find out exactly wht is blogging suppose to mean,,,What is blogging and wht it is suppose to be & do!!! well no body knows,,, every blog that I have been to to find out what is exactly a person suppose to do in a blog isnt defend by a certain meaning. Every body is using it as he/she sees fit!!! Some ppl use it as a public diary and other ppl mumble things on only god knows wht they are talking about!!! (no worries ppl I my self mumble stuff that I my self dont know what am I talking about).

Let’s hope my blog contributes something to the ppl who spends days & night's in front of the lil screen and get them to start living like normal ppl do... (Go out and check out the world).