Monday, January 29, 2007

Tagged by the ppl for the ppl

What will happen to your e-mail when you die?
It dies with me. If I die every one dies with me

Did you try once to give the password to someone? If yes, what kind of relation that you have with this person to trust him/her and give him/her the key of your secrets?
I dont give my passwords to any one!!! I have one password for every thing I have!!!

Your famous nickname among your Friends?
Red Dragon, Cholo, Natch ,,,, It depends on who is going with me

Your age?

Your horoscope?

Your qualifications?
IGCSE in Arabic, English & Physics
Higher Intermediate in Pitman
National Diploma in General Engineering
Higher National Diploma in General Computing * First on the Batch!

Your character "personality"?
Carefree, Crazy, Extreme, Smart ass, Annoying, stubborn, Hot Headed

What travel means to you?
More work,,,

What do you purchase?
Electronics ,,, Games,,, Food

Features taken from your dad
Carefree & forehead, Some say Looks and every thing is from my dad!!!

Features taken from your mom
Hot headed

The most 6 things you hate-
- Talking behind peoples back
- Back Stabbers
- People who drive slow on the fast line
- Police
- Indians & Egyptians & Saudis (yea I am a raciest)
- Smell of cigarettes

The most 6 things you love-
- My electronic entertainment system,
- My Car
- Second cup,
- Scuba Diving
- Camping
- My work

What computer and internet mean to you

You would like to pass this tag to:-
None,,, I was tagged by every one I know,,,

Monday, January 22, 2007


Sweetness!!! as I promised... My version of reflection...

I took this whn I was a bit bored!!! waiting for someone who is late!!!

BTW most of the photo's you see here in my blog were taken with my phone!!! "Sony Ericsson - k800i"

Friday, January 19, 2007

Winter Rose

Some days i gifted you a rose...
While i did not get, what it means...
And don`t know why...
But some thing inside my heart...
Told me to do that, ,
And give it to you...

O my lovely rose, and my lovely passion...
O my dreamy rose, , ,
Did not know some days,
How lovely your meaning is...
While you are from my longing...
And from inside....

How mistaken i was in my expression..
When i not gifted you all a roses in the world..
You are my life's` rose..
As i gifted you the rose..
I gifted you to the rose...
And wish that rose gifted to me again..
My rose...

Winter Rose,,,

Though the distance is between us at the physical realm!!! Our hearts are bound for eternity!! I remember the day when I first give you this name "Winter Rose"...
You never asked me why did I choose this nick name for you but you loved it...
Roses that blooms at winter have that unique tender & gentleness in their smell,,, that how I feel when ever I am with you,,,

Picked for you these Roses that you always loved from my garden,,

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Oman @ the gulf cup @ Oman

Yesterday was the beginning of our true walk to victory for the cup of the gulf 18...

By defeating UAE,,, The defeat where they will know who is their dady!!!

The score is two (Oman) to one (UAE)...

In UAE sadness and tears were sighted ,,, But In Oman there was a different story!!!

Here is a picture of my car!!!

And this what went in with the car!!!

Here is a Msg to all the emaraties!!!!! HARD LUCK

Monday, January 15, 2007

Cruzn @ Jebel Akhdar

Yesterday I got a call that today I am going to "Jebel Akhdar" for a quick instructions on how to properly drive a 4X4 when going up & down of steep mountains!!!

First of all to all of you people who don’t know about "Jebel Akhdar" here is a quick info about it::: -

Jabel Akhdar(meaning The Green Mountain) is a mountain range in Oman, extending about 300 km northwest to southeast, between 50-100 km inland from the Gulf of Oman coast. The highest point is around 3,000 meters (around 9,800 feet) high. It is the highest point in Oman and the whole of eastern Arabia. It comprises the central section of the Jebel Hajar range, and is located around 150 km from Muscat.

While over there I have taken some pictures for the sake of you blogger's who are interested in Oman...

Here is also a Video of the road leading to Jebel Akhdar...

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Home Sweet Home!

Yea you guessed it,,, I am back in Oman,

It smells good!!!
when I said this to one of my friends they asked "Why what does it smell like?"

I replayed "We have lots of rose's & Daffodil & Jasmine at our house!!! so at winter time you smell a mix of these flowers at the house!!! it makes me feel relaxed and feel good!!!

This is how Oman smells like to me!!! "

Yea that’s my Oman smells like!!!

I have joined a tourist company to help them around in this busy time of year... So I am getting to do free camping and mountain climbing,,, The whole camping trip is going to be from the 15th of January till 10th of February!!!

Well at least I now can do stuff that I like for free!!! oh no not for free!!! I am getting paid to do it

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Should we feel safe flying??

Due to my work,,, I have been traveling allot around the gulf and usually go to UK or east Asia!!!
Before the flight I usually check the plane and walk around Sometimes I manage to find my self a seat at the first class if it is not a full flight!!

While traveling around the gulf I usually take gulf Air!!! and lately I have seen annoying sights which makes me feel insecure being in this plane!!!

Duct Tape every where!!! are we really safe traveling?? I mean people are afraid of terrorist these days!!! Shouldn’t we be afraid of the people maintaining the plane!!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Hike through the wilds

At last I have some free time now to give you guys a proper update!!! Seems things in my life keeps pilling up and not enough time to recall wht I have done during my holiday!!!
One of these extreme experiences that I have faced is the hike through the wadi of Mohoot (which is located between the mountains of Rustaq & Nizwa)... There have been many errors and faults due to experimental errors!!! I have been doing some experiments so science can prevail!!!

Day: Friday 3rd of November 2006
Location: Wadi mo7ot (known as Snake Gorge)

We rented two Land cursers and the guys rendezvoused at my house!!! After all the guys came.. we hit the road to Rustaq and then took an off road between the mountains!!! where there were some water pounds where I bashed into with the car!!!

My brother broke his back!!! due to wrong landing!!! but thanx god he didn’t feel it at the same time!!! it would be sooo not fun to carry him for 5 hours to get to the other side since it is a one way and there is no way to go back the same track after some point!!! the next day he have been put into a cast which was on him for 8 weeks!!! (shit imagin 8 weeks with no shower!!! shit) I sure was with him and I don’t want to experience it again!!! LOL oh yea the funny part is he got his second nick name from it ROBOCOP.

Through the hike we faced many obstacles that forced us to jump & slide & climb & swim through caves,,, at the middle of the hike rain started to fall!!! we increased our speed since we didn't want to be over run by a flush wadi!!! (that would be bad)

At one point of the hike we needed to slide at a natural slide,,, The following video was taken...

yea!! that was me!! I got stuck between the two rocks and damn it hurts...
The following slide show,,, will show you some parts of the hike,,, enjoy it ppl,,,

Oh yea do u guys remember whn I told you about the red bull experiment!!! on about how much a person can drink per day!!! well on this day I drank about 15 red bulls and I also to this picture as a commercial for red bull!!!

but to bad - they didn’t agree to use it on their advertisements!!! (Bastards)

Monday, January 01, 2007

A New Year & a Rose!!!

A new year has come,,, and the previous year just went with its ups & downs,,, Happy & Sad moments has passed by us along the roots of 2006...

At the beginning of each year! I set my self some goals to accomplish in the new coming year!! and at the end of each year I review my self on where I have become on accomplishing these goals!! At the beginning of 2006 I have set my self on doing many things... I see my self that I have managed to achieve most of my goals for the past year... The most important goal was to clear my heart from affections that were long lost... By doing so I have found my self a passion for a Rose that has grown in my heart!!! I believe that with out that Rose I would be someone else (or should I say something)...
Words of thanx & love can not express my feelings for that rose but I will simply give her my life & soul if she asked so,,, (The rose is dadicated to you my rose)

Hopefully I will be able to accomplish all of this years goals along with the delayed ones!!!

I wish you all a Happy new year and may all your wishes and goals for this year come true!!!
I know mine will...

oh I know some of you people wonder Y I didn’t wish for world peace!!! Cause I aint gona waste a wish that I know that won’t come true in my life time,,,