Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dear,, I am Sorry

I can only ask for your forgiveness
Yet I have no tongue to use
As I have found the culprit who hurt you
When a joke turned into abuse
All I wished for was to make you smile
And as silly as I may seem to you
I want you to know, I’d go that extra mile
I’m just in love with you
And you know that
I write this pome just for you,,, and to tell you that I am really sorry.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Where is the Respect

well I noticed this issue some time ago, but I thought it happened just because I was there but few days back I noticed that it is happening no matter where I am,,,

whn ever I go out with guys these days every one & each of them show's off that he is talking to a girl and brags about wht he have done with her, I wish if it stops at this point. Some of them talk about every little thing he have done to her! (e.g. I gave her a kiss at this area, or I have slept with her)... I thought relationship details shouldn’t be announced to public, and it should be between the couple.

I am sure that guys who read this, might say that I am gay for saying this but I am not I just have more respect for the girl I go out with, It is just the girl trusted you and went out with you, how do you betray this trust!!!

Is this how guys treat girls these days!!! I feel so sorry for the girl’s who go out with these losers...

I would really be interested in what you girls think whn you know about this???

Going out with someone and then you discovered that he is announcing detailed information about your relationship with him,
How do you feel about it?
What do you think you should do to stop him from doing so?
Do you question your judgment for going out with this guy?

I find it disgusting whn I hear these things from guy, wht about you girls?

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Back to Civilization

yea I am back to the city,,, at last

After spending three weeks at the rig this started to get a bit hellish...
First thing I did is went to the barber who was pretty shocked whn he saw me (you must look at his face whn he recognized me) LOL,

well after i got my hair cut & my beard shaved. I thought of having nice lunch it, I was thinking about it for an hour on which restaurant I should go and have foood, then I decided to go and have Japanese food - I had some sushi & tempura’s :) .
Then I went to the gym did some sports - slept at the jakosy & sauna lol, the supervisor’s there thought I died...

well I had a nice day on Wednesday, I even managed to go back to Oman for the weekend, where I went to Bander Jisa to have my dinner on Thursday, and I was invited for lunch on Friday..

well now I am ready to go back and spend another few weeks on the rig,,, (My boss will be happy to hear this).

Saturday, August 19, 2006

How messed up could it be!!!

To begin with,,,
today was no different than other days,,, wake up take a shower go to the rig site and start work, finish my shift and go to sleep and then it starts all over...

but today something interesting happened that proves things can get interesting that this routine thing I am doing... :)

By the end of my shift I went to talk to the client to talk to him and he asked me "Where the hell were you a fire went on!!!" I was like "WHAT!!! I didnt hear the alarm"...

Client: "aaaah... it didnt work" me: "Then how suppose I should know there is a fire whn no alarm goes out"
Then I went to talk to one of the rig crew to exactly know wht happened...

A fire went out, they sounded the alarm but it didnt work. They took the fire hoses to put the fire out and there was no water. They tried using a foam to put it out and the electricity for the pumps went short...
but at the end they managed to take it out since it wasnt that big to begin with,,, but still all these faults happened whn a small fire went out... how would it whn the real thing happens, It made me think that things could be messy...

Well thanx god no body was injured or killed "damn it"

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Changes around

Hay I think most of you noticed that I have changed my Address,,,
yea to make it match with the blog name,,,
& since I am planning to change the looks tooo,,, I am starting to think of the design,,,,
the title is been made into a pic (this is the initial design)

tell me wht you think about it!!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The World best invention

1- Open top lid partly, add seasoning, chili powder and garnishing.
2- Pour boiling water to fill level.
3- Close lid tightly and wait for 3 min's.
4- Stir gently till well mixed.

yea these are the steps for the worlds best invention :) ,,, {{{{Instant Noodles}}}}

I think this the world best invention really :) ,, I am currently working at the desert and the food over here sucks to the point that u feel like puking if u look at it, So I needed to find another source of food to fill my growling stomach, and someone suggested to me “Instant Noodles”.
and guess wht you don’t need to be an expert cook to prepare it...

Thanx to who ever invented instant noodles you saved me from hunger death,,, ;)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Blogging hits a wall

Long time no Blog,,,

I think this is what I am supposed to say!!! well ppl say "long time no see" so a bit of word editing and Walla - something new :) ...

I have been so busy these days that I forget all about blogging,,, :'(

No worries, I am back now and I am going to give you guys some good topics to think and talk about,,,

So don’t change the channel yet,,, I still have loads of shit to give you guys ;)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Is your Work your type!!!

Yesterday I was talking to one of colleagues about different topics and discussions that I think most of the ppl didn’t realize that it does exist...
and since there were so many topics that aren't retaliated to each other, I am going to post each topic in a different post... I would really like to see ppl commenting on these few next topics since I want to grasp what do you ppl think about them...

Oky I believe that each person is set up to do a certain job in his/her life and they will be good at it naturally,,, and that not any person can do that job for many reasons either it is not in his nature or it might be to tough for him/her or his mentality cant absorber such work. well these are the main reasons.

My self I am a petroleum engineer and I know for sure not ever person can be one, since it is a hard job since it has loads of physical & mental stress (e.g. Sleepless nights due to problems, on call 24/7, no social life ...etc). Well I think not all ppl can take this type of work, I have seen ppl who quit this job after few months since they couldn’t handle the stress.
I also know that my nature does not allow me to do other job like a teacher (I hate kids), Programmer (sitting on the computer all day \Boring/), Doctor (I'm a super pervert)...etc - I know for sure these wont satisfy me as in my career wise too, nor doing it for the rest of my life.

I remember spending few months before I find out which type of work I am suited at! well I think it all depends on what your hobbies are and what do you expect out of your career... and I think which is most important - where do you think this career path is going to take you in the future as in the next 5-10 years of your life.
Well I can see where I am going to be in the next 5 years :)
I think when it comes to think what type of career path a person should choose every thing comes to account and you shouldn’t miss the slightest detail:-
- Personality
- Hobbies
- Where do you see you’re self in the near future
- Family
- Education
- ... etc (I could go none stop about it)

Well it is not my place to judge ppl wht type of work you are best suited at, but it would be a good idea to think on what are you willing to spend the rest of you life doing!!! If you don’t like it then you are going to suffer (and fucking whine about it all day - which annoys me).

I really advice you my friends to really give a good thought about it and not rush to first job opportunity you get and then you regret about it.

Life is short - it would be a good idea to enjoy every moment of it wither you are at work or holiday... :)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Remnants of the past

Today is one of these days...

Where I wake up this morning and wander wht I have done in my life? Or wither that did I improve my self from being that lil cry baby few years back.
I do love these days. It allows me to measure my self now to the past me!!! I know wht you ppl thinking about (wht the fuck is this guy talking about!!!) yea thats wht some of my friends tell me whn I accidentally speak whts on my mind with out realizing that some one is next to me.

Well with out revealing alot about my self I think I have done well compared to the ppl of my age did in Oman. This is from the prospective of my social life. :)

As in my personality... I think I have improved my self to the point where I am happy about my self... well three years back I didn’t even know my self and my self confident was not that assuring either.
Now I exactly know my self and what my limits are,,, :)


Well my advice to you ppl...
Know your selves and find out your limits before planning or dreaming because you might find out that your dreams are too far from reality.
Be in the reality world not the dream world.
I had to learn that the hard way,,, (but thanx god I was able to get on my feet’s fast thanx to someone).
This is the fine judgment that I bestow upon you today...

Know you’re self and your limits. By knowing that you would be able to see the unseen able...