Saturday, May 26, 2007

The environment we are in!!!

While I was surfing through the youtube I found this very interesting video,,, Where the 13 year old Severm Suzuki, plead for the future of her generation. To save the environment of the earth and help mankind to overcome their greed and selfish ambitions,,, She might be a 13 year old but I can say her words moved all. What she said is true we as in this generation don’t care about our children and what our actions in the current time to the environment & forests would react.

We have seen forests but our kids might not see it since we cut more of these woods to cover the agriculture needs of some certain third world country where other countries through the extra food they have into the ocean since they don’t want to share what they have with other countries. We as a human race currently don’t care about the forest that we cut or about the ocean which is filled with our biological, chemical and nuclear waste,,, These two main ecological factors of nature are the very reason we live in this earth, since forests supply the clean air we breath and the ocean supplies us with food and it helps to clean the air we breath…
I am an environmental person; I care about the environment and what is going around the earth through changes in the weather and the extension of beautiful animals... Never said this before but I think you people can guess it from the photo’s I take…

Here is the video that I was talking about,,,

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

First Love

I really don’t know what reminded me of my first love, but I can know for a fact that your first love never works, for many reasons,,,

My first love was a disaster to my self but seeing things from a different prospective! I think it helped me to grow up to be the guy I am now! So I wonder should I thank her for breaking my heart and let me be the man that I am now! Or should I blame her!!!
For some reason she is still in my heart even after she broke it,,, I even remember how did I first fell in love with her,,,

It was nine years ago (I know I was young), It was love from first sight!! My heart just clicked when I saw her!! She was there with her black long hair and sweet brown eyes!! I just kept staring at her for hours!! We were practicing the Razha dance for my uncles wedding!! I went to her to talk and she talked in such a sweet way that I wanted her to be mine! I told my cuzns how I feel, LOL they told the whole world about it!!! Dump wits!!! Well when my father knew about it!! I got really nice beating for it!!!
Any way!!! I kept those feelings of mine in my heart loving her more & more in my dreams, going crazy about her more & more,,,
I used to see her in eid times! WOW she is more wonderful every time I see her! I would die for her if she just asked me too! Every thing I did then was for her! I studied for her! I was so loyal that I didn’t look at girls or talked to them a lot!!
Few years later when I finished college!! I was suppose to go to Qatar to work, I was afraid that if I went I would come back to see her taken by some one else!!
So using some common friends I found her number & told her my feelings!! I know I still don’t have a job, but since I might go to Qatar for work and I would like you to know my feelings about you before I leave!!
After that we started talking every day on the phone!! So we know each other better and see if we are good together,,,

And we were good together, we were perfect for each other,,, I fell for her my heart was pounding & dancing when ever I hear her voice in my ears!! We talked for hours every day!! After four months!! I got this job!! I went to Malaysia for 10 days,,, Then I came to Abu Dhabi to work!! We were still talking more than ever!! After one & half months of training on town I went to the rig for the first time in my life!! After a week in the rig! She stopped answering my phone calls & there were no replays from msgs & emails!! I got scared since I couldn’t imagine how would I live with out her,, What happened to her?? Is she alright?? I used my connection to ask about her!! She was fine!!! Nothing was wrong,,, She just didn’t want anything to do with me no more!! Just like that with out any reasons,,, She broke my heart that I would never thought would be broken since I have her!!!

My heart is broken, there was no way for it to be fixed, I couldn’t live, sleep, eat or do any think since I have lost my reason to live,,, how could she do that!! At least she should give me a reason for her doing that!! Is it me!!! I remember that day clearly! I walked from the rig to the camp late at night!! Walking left and right!! I felt like killing my self since I lost my reason to breathe this air!! As I reached the camp and looked at the mirror my eyes were red!! Yea I was crying from sorrow of losing some one I loved with all my heart for more than nine years!! I cleaned my face and went to bed!! I couldn’t sleep from thinking!!
It took me six months to try to get over her!! But still I don’t think that I will ever get over her,, some times my heart cries for that,,,

A month ago I heard that she is getting married and I was invited for her wedding which I never went since I don’t know how would I react being there,,, she was the love of my life!! My parents tried to force me go since she was family!! I remember my father saying that I should go to wedding so that people come to mine in the future!! I remember answering that I would rather die than go to her wedding!!!
Well I went to the club instead!!! Then two days later I canceled my holiday and went back to work to forget about her!!!

“L” If you ever read this!! I want you to know that you have broken my heart and my chest still hurts when ever I hear or remember your name!! Lately I have met fabulous girls who were amazing in every way!!!
You are no longer in my heart bitch,,, oh sorry I meant hoar,,, a bitch has way much manner & self respect than you,,, If you were ever remembered it would be in a pigs face when having sex,,, got that you good for nothing mother fucking piece of shit!!
I am the winner at the end!!! All the things that I have done in my life were for me not for you!! I might thought that I did it for you but I didn’t how would I do things for a hoar!! You know when I was at the club I prayed that you would have a miserable life and feel how you left me!!! At the end you lost a guy who loved you and respected you for ever!! I don’t think that you will ever reach a respect level of a pig you fucking hoar!!!

Ahhh this feels much better since I got it out of my chest!!!

Sorry for the rude language guys,,,

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Three days Then a Month

I am back in Oman now!!! been driving from AD till MCT,,, Here is a snap shot of the speed meter most of the time,,, I know I know, But I enjoyed it, who cares what do you think about it,,, I just checked how many offences I have and it turns out I have only four With the way I drive, Damn thats an improvement from ROP (Royal Oman Police),,, I applaud them,,,

Any way I only in Muscat only for three days and then I am on my way to Yemen for a month,,, Unfortunately the three days are over and I am leaving to Yemen after two hours,,,

I have enjoyed the few hours that I have stayed here at home!! managed to do most of the things I wanted to do,,, expect Scuba Diving!! which was canceled due to the Tsunami incident!! I swear any similar incidents in the future and I am going to make a living hell out of the person started that stupid rumor that most of the people believed in,,, Stupid Stupid Stupid,,,

I have been in Yemen before and I enjoyed it,,, "QAT" LOL I am sure this time it is gona be as fun as before!!! lets hope I can find an internet connection there, so I could update you guys on whts going on with me there,,,

Wish me Luck!!! I pray that there is an internet connection,,,

Cheers guys,,,

See you in two days or in a month,,, Keep enjoying life, since you only have one,,,

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Strange weekend!!!

A funny thing happened in Dubai for the weekend!!! the story goes like this,,,

I went out with a friend of mine, who recently got a new brother,,, So I picked her up from her place and decided to go walking!!! and the conversation went like this!!!

Me: Salam 3aleekm, How you doing?
Z : I am fine and every thing is good how are you and work?
Me: Work is good and every thing is at it is, with me fooling around!!
Z : LOL, please dont make fun at me, BTW wana see my bra??
I hit the breaks as hard as I could and kept staring at her,,,
Me: Yea who the hell would have to say NO to that, no need to go out lets go to ur place and have fun,,,
Z: Opps sorry sorry sorry I meant my bro as in my brother!!!
Me: I know wht u r thinking so don’t worry no need to hide any thing from me,,,
Z: No stupid I meant my bro, here,,,
She showed me her phone with her cute lil bro,,
Me: are you sure that you don’t want to show me ur bra,,,
Z: Shut up you idiot!!! yea and I am sure,,,

Then we started talking about other stuff but every now and then I say bra,,,

So whn you read this, Be sure that I will always remember u & ur bra!!!