Monday, June 18, 2007

Be out for a while!!!

I will be gone for a while, there are some important changes right now in my life,,,

and I am getting really bzy, but I promise you I will be back soon at the end of this month!!!

cya then,,,


Amjad said...

I hope everything is fine.

Nella said...

hope it's all good..and hey! fill us in once you're back..

yes!! we're nosy and we wanna know everything! :p

T.C dear ^_^

sweetness said...

Good luck and hope everything go smoothly insha'allah ^_^

Elagante said...

come back soon, you'll be missed and good luck hope you wont need it :)

Red Dragon said...

amjad,,, Everything is fine thanx I just have some work to do & I need to take care about the insurance for my car, I also started to plan for my upcoming trip around aisa...

Nella,,, thanx dear offcourse things should be filled ;)

sweetness,,, thanx I needed the good luck,

elagante,,, I know I missed you tooo ;)