Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I know I havent been around lately but what can I do, I just got transfered to Angola to work here and since I got here I have been working like hell,,,

even in my dreams I get to work!!!

Yea have been traveling around lately, been in Malaysia, South Africa, Congo & Angola (yea since I work there now). seems like traveling will be the main thing I am going to do this year.

I want my play boy life back,,,,


got to go back to work now...


Nella said...

yeah..guess lots of work sucks, but you get to travel! i mean, that's nice right? i'm kinda envious of you right now xD

lol @ my play boy life back.

welcome back to the blogging world bro! been awhile! ^_^

Red Dragon said...

Yea I know it has been awhile,,, planning to have a strong come back!! :)

I am thinking of getting my own address ***.com

plus thinking of starting a new blog shared with some one!! Looking for some one :)

Degoat said...

dude u in angola

where the fuck is wifie man?!


Abdullah Bader said...

Hi Red Dragon, You promised a strong coming back, we are waiting